One and done with scalable authoring.

Scalable authoring is the like owning the only race car in the neighborhood. It lets you get to market faster than the competition with responsive, personalized forms and documents for any channel and device. No coding required.

Content that speaks to the heart of millions

In a world that is constantly speeding up — the winners are those that can get to market fastest. But, keeping pace on every channel and device, personalizing your message, and having it look great are also requirements to succeeding. So how can you do this all at once?

It’s time to call on scalable authoring. The technology is so simple, you can do it on your own. No coding required. Use drag-and-drop authoring to easily add and update standard form fields like address and name field. Then, simply drag-and-drop to publish. You can even translate content into multiple languages with a few clicks to reach your global customers.

But the real magic in all of this is the ability to do it once and apply it anywhere. Create a theme and apply it across multiple forms and documents. Or, use preconfigured fragments and apply them to multiple forms and documents for greater personalization. And there you go. You have faster authoring, greater consistency, and better ROI.

Adobe can help.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms is a powerful tool to help you keep pace with your digital marketing demands. We make it easy to quickly create and deliver digital forms and documents that are responsive and personalized for any channel and device. Designing even the most complex forms is simple with drag-and-drop tools and no coding required.

Don’t just keep pace with your competitors — zoom ahead and make your customers feel like one in a million — because they are.

“We can publish new content and campaigns faster, while also delivering the required quality.”

Christian Deinlein, Head of Internet Systems, HUK-COBURG

Scalable Authoring Features

Fragment-based authoring

Let specific users across multiple forms and documents create, approve, and publish reusable fragments — like an address block or legal disclaimer — to ensure compliance.

Theme editor

Create your organization's custom branding once and apply it to every form and document so your customers have consistent and engaging experiences in every interaction with your brand.

Codeless data mapping

Integrate data sources without any custom development and map entities to form fields and documents to personalize customer experiences and automate application processing across your brand.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Forms can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Forms can do for your business.