Adobe Experience Manager Sites success stories

Digital experiences are staples for any company, no matter the industry. See how Adobe Experience Manager Sites helps these brands create smooth, scalable experiences — and how it can help you do the same.

Silicon Labs

“What used to take us a week can now happen in 20 minutes with Adobe Experience manager. We have the control to make changes when the market demands, allowing us to be more agile as a team.”

Kamran Shah, Director of Corporate Marketing, Silicon Labs


“I view our corporate website as the front door to MasterCard. And I want that to be the best experience possible. Now we have a great site that helps us to do that and to really engage with our audiences.” Jean Altz, VP, Corporate Communications, MasterCard

MasterCard’s brand is known worldwide, and they do business in 210 countries. So naturally, they have tons of web traffic. They wanted a new, modern site, so they used Adobe Experience Manager Sites to revamp their site and make it easier to update content. As a result, they saw higher traffic rates, better SEO rankings, and streamlined production.


“Even though we needed a solution that met our short-term website migration goals, we also wanted to standardize on a solution that could scale with our changing needs over time. Adobe Experience Manager simplifies web page creation and management while supporting the multi-language demands for global websites.” Simon Jones, Director, Marketing Technology, Motorola Solutions

Motorola’s old website wasn’t representing the innovation that people associate with their brand, and they wanted to rebuild it from the ground up. With Adobe Experience Manager Sites, this daunting task became simple, efficient, and scalable, lowering operating expenses and improving page load times.


“Adobe Experience Manager is an excellent solution. We’re achieving results that exceed our expectations. For instance, the Kanebo global site once relied upon an embedded parent script, but now it’s one of our cleanest websites. We would like to aim for such high-quality across all sites in the future.” Tsuyoshi Tanaka, Manager of the Office of Communication Technology for the Digital Marketing Centre, Kao

The Kao Corporation has created over 250 websites worldwide and they have over 500,000 digital assets to support their extensive line of products. With so many sites, they wanted a solution that would help them to deliver smooth, effective experiences across them all. They turned to Adobe Experience Manager Sites for help and they’ve seen 20% faster updates and quicker localisation — all to improve the customer experience.

Success stories

Constellation improved their website with Adobe Experience Manager Sites to better appeal to residential and small business customers.

Manulife uses Adobe Experience Manager Sites to improve website design flexibility while maintaining brand standards.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Manager Sites can do for your business.