Five Reasons to Choose Adobe Experience Cloud Over Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Five Reasons to Choose Adobe Experience Cloud Over Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Adobe Experience Cloud is an out-of-the-box cross-channel suite built to easily go  beyond multi-channel campaign management. Our testing and optimization, web content management, programmatic advertising, data management, and analytics solutions are each ranked as an industry leader on their own, but together give you a natively complete marketing engine.
Customer Intelligence
Adobe manages a vast universe of data from touchpoints well beyond CRM or email sources. Adobe Analytics Cloud is tightly integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud, providing customer intelligence and audience building at scale.
With native a/b and multivariate testing capabilities, Adobe Target allows you to automate personalized experiences and campaigns at scale. Target connects seamlessly with Adobe Experience Manager, so you can quickly pull relevant content, create deeply personal offers, and surface engaging content for every customer.
Content Control
Creating stellar content and building experiences rapidly is in Adobe’s core DNA. Integrations between Adobe Creative Cloud and native digital asset management capabilities inside Adobe Experience Cloud allow you to assemble and deliver content with high velocity.
Analyst Validation
We can make claims all day. Ultimately, it’s what our customers and analysts have to say that matters. Adobe Experience Cloud solutions top Salesforce in key categories that drive successful digital marketing, such as cross-channel campaign management. Adobe is also rated as a leader across other key areas that firms like Gartner and Forrester evaluate, including analytics, online testing, and web content management. 
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