Five Reasons to Choose Adobe Experience Manager Over Sitecore

Five Reasons to Choose Adobe Experience Manager Over Sitecore
Content Management
Adobe Experience Manager has tightly integrated rich-media DAM capabilities for both sites and assets, so you easily drag and drop right into your workflow and instantly view across sites, pages, and more — without requiring separate interfaces to create campaigns or custom development to duplicate Experience Manager capabilities.
Speed to Market
When campaign development and execution time are limited, Adobe is the right choice. Content creation and delivery are accelerated with native capabilities, such as single-view authoring and previewing or responsive design, that allow you to create experiences once and deliver across channels and devices effortlessly.
Total Cost of Ownership
Adobe can help reduce the total cost of ownership with natively integrated capabilities that allow you to succeed across channels, devices, audiences, and so on. Don’t get surprised by the overall expense and complexity of stitching together non-native solutions.
Proven Managed Services
Adobe can scale and flex as your marketing demands grow with highly-acclaimed managed services behind Experience Manager and our entire Adobe Experience Cloud suite. We’ve been road-tested for years, so we know how to support diverse marketing tech demands.
Partnership for Long Term
We understand how to stay ahead of changing landscapes. Brands looking toward tomorrow need more than a basic WCM platform with clunky third-party integrations. You can step into the future of marketing with Adobe.
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