Manage end-to-end training effectively across employees, customers and partners

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Easy set-up of learning structure

Reuse modules across courses to create structured learning paths. Combine virtual or live classrooms and eLearning courses into learning programmes and certifications.

Customised experiences

Control what learners see on their home page. Configure customised catalogues for different user groups using customised branding and out-of-the-box themes


User group reporting

Create customised user groups to get different views of learning data based on specified attributes. Track performance of different user groups, such as departments, external partners and roles and compare against other user groups or their own learning objectives.


Provide your departments, divisions or clients with their own instance of LMS, which they can customise, brand, administer and manage while sharing seats, catalogues and reports.


Migrating from your old LMS

Use a step-by-step wizard to migrate your existing LMS users, content and learning data to Adobe Captivate Prime. Continuous iterations of data migration ensure zero downtime for your learners.

API Layer

Easily integrate Adobe Captivate Prime with your intranet or other existing enterprise systems. Get access to the functionality, learning objects and user data of Adobe Captivate Prime inside your own  environment.

Embedded Fluidic Player

Take the seamless playback experience offered by Adobe Captivate Prime to your enterprise systems. Embed the Fluidic Player and allow learners to consume courses with Single Sign-On(SSO). The learning data is automatically reported back to Adobe Captivate Prime.

Content provider integration

Give learners access to courses offered by third party content providers, such as Lynda, Harvard Mentor and Get Abstract*. Users can enrol and take the courses from these content providers from within the LMS.

*To be purchased separately from 3rd party content providers

Customer testmonial

Read this whitepaper for top tips to successfully implement your LMS.

George Pataky

"Adobe Captivate Prime helps us from an enterprise training perspective for more than

150,000 learners"

- Dan Heick, Director, Adobe Digital University