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Create and edit videos, the way you want.

Start with beautiful templates from easy to use Adobe Express or dive into a detailed editing session with Adobe Premiere Pro, the leading editing software for creating professional videos.

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Bring your vision to life with AI and best-in-class video editing features.

Text based editing

Work faster with Text-Based Editing.

Use AI to automatically transcribe your video on import and then create a rough cut fast simply by copying and pasting text.

Enhancing speech in Premiere Pro

Add clarity with Enhance Speech.

Get crystal-clear dialogue with AI. Improve audio quality, remove background noise and make every word sound crisp.

Create captions with Speech to Text.

Produce accurate transcripts in 18 languages, distinguish between speakers and match captions to the cadence of speech with the power of AI.

Sync music to edited clips.

Retime your music to match the length of your edited video with help from AI-powered Remix.

Match colours in different clips.

Get consistent colours across takes with AI-powered Colour Match. Adjust saturation, white balance and brightness to create a single unified scene.

Cropping videos to different aspect ratios for different platforms

Change aspect ratios easily with AI.

Preserve the focal point of your shot while changing the aspect ratio and then easily share it across social platforms with Auto Reframe.