Tell your story with {{premiere-pro}}.

All new audio workflows.

Get to your final mix faster with fewer clicks. AI automatically categorises audio types and surfaces the right controls for the job. Plus, an intelligent new waveform display and intuitive fade handles make it easier for new users to learn how to edit audio and for experienced pros to work faster.

Edit with precision, from rough cut to final version.

Craft your story with the same editing and trimming tools used by Hollywood pros. Quickly insert and add clips from bins or drag clips between multiple timelines, use 3- and 4-point editing and create J and L cuts with ease. Trim and tighten with tools such as ripple, roll, slip and slide until it’s just right.

Create video that stands out and looks great.

Give your work an added flourish with built-in templates and transitions. Tell your story with colour by using colour grading and correction to maintain a consistent look throughout your work. Enhance dialogue and reduce noise with pro audio tools.

Create rough cuts fast with {{text-based-editing}}.

Auto-generate your transcript, highlight text to add clips to your timeline — then refine, reorder and trim clips just like you’d edit a text doc. And for further refinement, clear all awkward pauses with bulk deletion and use {{filler-word-detection}} to remove unwanted filler words.