The Adobe Audition plug-in and panel software development kits (SDKs) allow you to build plug-ins and panels to enhance and extend the capabilities of Audition.

Plug-In libraries are written in C/C++ and provide File and Session Import/Export, Control Surface integration, and Audio Effects via VST or AudioUnits standards.

HTML5-based panels enable integration with MAMs, metadata management, and workflow automation. Panels are distributed as signed bundles, written in JavaScript and ExtendScript; third party code libraries are also supported.



Audition provides SDK's which can extend application functionality in the following areas:

  • File Import/Export: Support custom file formats or extended metadata.
  • Session Import/Export: Create or convert to and from native Audition multitrack sessions.
  • Control Surfaces: The API supports two-way communication with Audition and Premiere Pro, so that hardware faders, VU meters, etc are in sync with the application.

The Audition panel SDK can extend Audition in the following areas:

  • Web Services: Host your web service interface in a dedicated panel, with full drag-and-drop, metadata transfer, and file analysis support using standard web frameworks or Node.js.
  • Metadata: Get and set all metadata associated with project items, including all supported marker types and Audition private project metadata.
  • Preview and control: Preview supported footage and programmatically control playback or other events, even without bringing the footage into the current session.
  • Anything else: MAM integration, playback automation systems, QC validation, or any other ideas or services you can imagine.  Panels can be given away or sold in the Adobe Addons Marketplace where users can browse and install extensions.


Plug-In Software Development Kits

For Mac OS X and Windows
Last updated November 3, 2016

AMIO File Format and Session SDK

Audition & Premiere Pro Control Surface SDK



Legacy Plug-In Software Development Kits

For Windows only
Last updated October 26, 2007

Audition 3 SDK (ZIP, 422 KB)



Adobe Audition panel SDK

Using HTML5, Javascript, and Node.js, build custom panels for Audition.

Adobe CEP 6.0 Extensions Cookbook

Adobe CEP Github Site

Adobe CEP Audition Sample Extensions

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