Joey Lott, Darron Schall, Keith Peters


Joey Lott is the author, lead author, or co-author of several books on Flash, ActionScript, and Flex, including Programming Flex 2.0, ActionScript Cookbook, Flash 8 Cookbook, Complete Flash MX Remoting, and ActionScript Bible. Joey has been teaching Flash and ActionScript since 1999 when he first began training throughout Southern California. Joey has professional experience in the Internet industry beginning in 1996, including co-founding RightSpring, Inc. and consulting for YourMobile/Premium Wireless Services (J2EE B2C application) and (leading the development of a J2EE B2B application).

Darron Schall has a BS in Computer Science from Lehigh University. Darron is an independent consultant specializing in rich Internet applications and Flash platform development. He maintains a Flash platform–related blog at and is an active voice in the Flash and Flex communities.

Keith Peters is currently working full-time doing freelance and contract Flash development and various writing projects. His experimental Flash site, BIT-101 ( won an award at the Flashforward 2003 Flash Film Festival in the Experimental category. In addition to the experiments on the site, there are several highly regarded Flash tutorials which have been translated into many languages and are now posted on websites throughout the world. Keith has authored or contributed to several books about Flash and ActionScript.


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