Joseph Lott

Joey Lott has deep professional experience using Adobetechnologies such as Flex, Flash, and ActionScript. Joey is the author (orco-author) of ActionScript Cookbook, Programming Flash CommunicationServer, and the Flash 8 Cookbook and several other related books.With coauthor Sam Ahn, he is a partner and founder of The Morphic Group.

Kathryn Rotondo is a software developer at Schematic. She received agraduate certificate in software engineering from the Harvard Extension Schooland a certificate in Flash from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Sam Ahn has architected and built RIAs over the past sevenyears for clients including Pfizer, Wyeth, MINIUSA, and Puma. Along withco-author Joey Lott, he is a partner and founder of The Morphic Group, aninteractive development company focusing on Flash/Flex application development.

Ashley Atkins is a senior software developer at Six Red Marbles,and has over six years of experience developing in ActionScript. His range ofwork extends from creating simple educational interactions to architecting anddeveloping applications in Flex and AIR.