Programming Flex 3

Chafic Kazoun is the founder and Chief Software architect at Atellis, and iswidely considered one of the world's top experts on Flex (outside of the AdobeFlex engineering team). He has worked with Flash technologies since 1998 andwith Flex since its inception, and he has a deep understanding of the internalsof the Flex framework. He maintains a busy speaking and consulting schedule.When he's not busy developing solution-based applications, Chafic is activelyinvolved in the Flash community, delivering presentations at numerousconferences including Adobe's MAX, Flashforward, FITC, Spark Europe, and MXDU.He is also the contributor of numerous published works and is the author ofProgramming Flex 2.0, a book recently released by O'Reilly Publishing. He isalso an Adobe Community Expert, and shares his thoughts on his blog.

Joey Lott is afounding partner of The Morphic Group,a Flex and Flash consulting company. At The Morphic Group Joey serves as atechnology director, building some of today's most innovative Flex applicationsand advocating for the use and adoption of agile software developmentmethodologies. He has written many books on Flex and Flash-relatedtechnologies, including Programming Flex 3, ActionScript 3Cookbook, Adobe AIR in Action, and Advanced ActionScript 3with Design Patterns.