Jayesh Viradiya

Jayesh Viradiya, is Lead Software Engineer in the ColdFusion product team and has worked in the team since January 2006. He has worked on testing various features of ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9. He has worked on features such as the CFImage tag, the CFFeed tag, server monitoring, multi-server monitoring , session replication support for clustered environment, AIR proxies for CFSaas, improved Flash Remoting, ColdFusion libraries for ActionScript ORM, LiveCycle Data Services 3 integration with ColdFusion, and refactoring in CFBuilder. Jayesh has also worked with the AIR team on features such a AIR-CF connectivity, support for H264 video codec and encrypted local storage. Jayesh has developed several Flex-AIR-ColdFusion applications, which have been presented in many of the relevant conferences.