Jeff Nusz

Jeff Nusz is Lead Interactive Programmer at Zodal in Christchurch, New Zealand. Jeff used to think his knack for programming had doomed him to a life of cubicles, spreadsheets, and pocket protectors, but since becoming a dedicated Flash developer he’s found himself working with interesting clients, amazing graphic designers, shrewd project managers, and server-side geniuses who constantly inspire him.

As part of the Zodal’s international team, Jeff develops intelligent, premium games, targeting deployment across devices such as the desktop, Internet and mobile phones.Zodal is New Zealand's leading Adobe Flash and Flash Lite development studio, an official Sony PSP and PS3 developer, Adobe Solution Partner and a JAIN SLEE telecommunications development partner. Zodal has developed content for leading international brands, such as The New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Linden Leaves, In the Crib and BP.
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