Omar Gonzalez

Omar Gonzalez is a senior application developer at Almer/Blank who has been developing for the web since 1997. He has acquired a strong sense for developing accessible sites employing web standards, open source projects, and frameworks like Drupal and CSS. During the quick rise of Flash, he began to incorporate the popular technology in the sites he worked on, adding Flash development as well as PHP and MySQL to his repertoire.

Omar has developed Flash video applications for companies like eHarmony and has spoken at conferences like FITC on such topics as Flash video, Motion XML, and AIR. Over the past two years he has been developing Flex applications, harnessing the power of Flash Platform technology to create cutting-edge Rich Internet Applications. Omar is on the resident faculty at the Rich Media Institute, teaching topics in Flex, HTML/CSS, and web development, and he is an active member of the LA Flash user groups.