Shilpi Khariwal

Shilpi has been working for ColdFusion Engineering team since 2009. She has a deep understanding of the Java/JEE technology. As Security Expert, she is the "Security Czar" for the Adobe ColdFusion Team. In her capacity as the Security Czar, Shilpi comes with plans, processes, and actions aimed towards making ColdFusion a more secure product. She has built solutions for the product that mitigate various vulnerabilities such as XSS, information disclosure, and CSRF. She added other enhancements enabling users to secure their applications easily, including the following: session handling improvements ( SessionRotate , SessionInvalidate ), cookie improvements, sensitive data protection, and user authentication handling. Shilpi has also presented at various conferences including RIACON in 2011.

When not at work, Shilpi likes to spend her time in community service, managing events, and going to or listening to music.