Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis

About the author

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis is the founder of W3Conversion, a web design and training company with a passion for web standards and accessibility. A front-end developer, Stephanie created the CSS Starter Layouts introduced in Dreamweaver CS3 and updated for DW CS5. Her passion for teaching and sharing means she has written books, numerous tutorials for websites and print publications, including a regular column in Web Designer Magazine, regularly trains web departments in corporations and speaks at numerous conferences each year. Stephanie is the WaSP liaison to Adobe Systems, working with their product managers to ensure the output of their web products continues to move toward today's web standards. An admitted workaholic who rarely leaves the office, she frequently escapes to talk to the little people inside her computer via Twitter (@stefsull). Her hobby, if only she had time? Studying brain function. Her guilty pleasure? Eighties music.