Thibault Imbert

Thibault Imbert is a Flash Player product manager focused on graphics and rendering. After a few years working for different French agencies as a Flash developer, Thibault became an Adobe Certified Instructor in Paris where he taught ActionScript at an Adobe training center. In 2008 Thibault released a free and open-source ActionScript 3 book called Pratique d'ActionScript 3, which was recently rewritten for Flash Player 10 and released by Pearson in 2009.  More recently, he released a white paper about performance optimizations for the Flash Platform. During his spare time, Thibault works on different open-source projects like WiiFlash or AlivePDF for the Flash Platform community. Most of his experiments are available on his blog, Thibault also attends conferences about ActionScript and likes listening to funky music and cooking macaroons.