Vincent Hardy

Vincent Hardy is Director of Engineering for the Web Platform Group at Adobe. Vincent and his group work on on web standards, open source web contributions such as the Apache Cordova project, the WebKit project and the Chromium Embedded Framework component that provides a 'Web Design Surface' to several Adobe tools. In  the recent pas, Vincent has been working with the CSS working group, the FX task force and the SVG working group, focusing on CSS Filter Effects, CSS regions, CSS exclusions, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

Prior to joining Adobe, Vincent worked at Oracle on graphical, interactive, and animated user interfaces in the field of business intelligence, helping make large sets of complex data visually understandable to help users navigate data sets more easily, detect trends, or find anomalies. Prior to Oracle, Vincent worked at Sun Microsystems where he focused on graphical, animated, and interactive technologies, mainly the Java 2D API and the SVG format.

Vincent cofounded and led the Batik project at Apache, an open source Java toolkit for manipulating, viewing, or transcoding SVG content. Vincent contributed to the development of the SVG specification and its version for mobile devices, SVG Tiny. He chaired the Compound Documents Format (CDF) effort in W3C. Vincent is the author of Java 2D API Graphics and has a passion for graphical design.
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