Adobe XD and Remote Collaboration with Developers - S9042


This session will be presented in Japanese.

Smooth communication between designers and developers is key to implementing web and app designs as intended. During these times of remote work, we all know that communication can suffer. Powerful features in Adobe XD make real-time collaboration possible even when teams aren't together.

In this session, learn the advantages of features like videoconferencing and real-time co-editing through actual case studies. Topics of the session include:

  • Easy sharing of designs and style guides using the design specs function
  • Real-time collaborative editing features essential for a remote environment
  • Smooth communication using the comment function
  • A version function to simplify data management
  • How plugins can improve collaboration

Technical Level: Intermediate

Type: Session

Category: Remote Work

Track: UI and UX

Audience: Front End Developer, UI and UX, Web Designer