How Ben & Jerry’s Uses Virtual Photography to Create Perfect Pints - S6007


Virtual photography is fast emerging as a viable solution for visual asset creation. Who better to go boldly into this new design frontier than iconic brand Ben & Jerry’s? Hear firsthand from Gail Cummings, global digital design lead, about adopting new ways of creating and driving what she does best producing irresistible content at scale to feed marketing channels for over 100 flavors and in 38 countries.

In this session, Gail will share:

  • The surprising secret ingredient that makes the Ben & Jerry’s brand
  • How Adobe Dimension and 3D enabled Ben and Jerry’s to design their way around a business challenge 
  • Why and how you can work around traditional photo shoots and asset creation
  • How to fast-track your way to creating scalable assets for global markets

Technical Level: General Audience

Type: Session

Category: Industry Best Practices

Track: Creativity and Design in Business, Graphic Design, Photography, 3D and AR

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Business Strategist/Owner, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Print Designer, 3D, Executive, Marketer