Lightroom and Photoshop: Ultimate Integration Part 3 - L6412c


Whether you’re just starting out or well versed in moving between Photoshop Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, learn fresh techniques you can use right away. Join expert instructor and author Ben Willmore to learn how to combine features in new ways. You’ll leave with a new appreciation and ideas for harnessing the combined benefits of these two powerful tools. In Part 3 of this three-part lab, you’ll push integration to its limits.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Teach Lightroom to automatically create complex layouts in Photoshop
  • Apply adjustments in Lightroom that are usually only available in Photoshop
  • Work on your Lightroom images in Photoshop even when the originals aren’t available

Technical Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Type: Lab

Category: How To

Track: Photography

Audience: Graphic Designer, Photographer, Print Designer