Photoshop Compositing Tools and Techniques - S6122


Join Julieanne Kost, Digital Imaging Evangelist at Adobe as she demonstrates how she creates her surreal composites and shows her proven techniques for creating successful composites. You’ll discover how to use the latest Photoshop tools to select and isolate subjects, unify disperate elements, and eliminate discrepancies of scale and proportion to create believable, compelling, and impactful imagery.
In this session you will explore:

  • The latest time saving tools for selecting your subjects
  • Creating hard and soft edge selections using raster and vector layer masking techniques
  • Making nondestructive transformations using smart objects and smart filters
  • Using depth of field, perspective, and space to emphasize and reinforce components
  • Unifying elements using color, tone, structure, and texture

Technical Level: Intermediate

Type: Session

Category: How To, Inspiration

Track: Graphic Design, Photography

Audience: Educator, Game Developer, Government, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Post-Production Professional, Print Designer, Web Designer