Art walks Aalborg
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Aalborg, Denmark

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Download a map of the artwork featured in this video to take your own tour through the city.


Aalborg, a Danish city dating back to the Middle Ages, has found new life as an open-air contemporary art gallery. In less than a decade, a street art movement grew quickly and sustainably, with respect for the urban environment and the authentic character of Aalborg.

Small murals that started in overlooked corners and alleys expanded to fill multi-storied walls, contemporary yet complimentary of the city's historic architecture. Follow local artist and co-founder of North Urban Art Studio, Frida Stiil Vium, as she shows the organic growth and symbiotic relationship between Aalborg’s studio and street art.

Learn more about Frida:

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All videos were directed, captured, edited and post-produced under the guidance of local regulations using industry standard COVID-compliance practices.


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