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“Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server is the complete, fully functioning publishing engine for automated creation of multi-use content types. Its web interface enables users to direct aggregation of differing information sources routinely into detailed a presentation in multiple environments on numerous devices.
—Ben Slone, President & CEO, Finite Matters Ltd.

Bernard Aschwanden

"Our clients love the automation they get with Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server. Some have 1000s of authors and dozens of publishing profiles. Combining Adobe Experience Manager XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager with a publishing server gives users much more flexibility. They can manage, schedule, and even automate publishing tasks easily through the dashboard (accessible from any web browser). The output is richly formatted PDF, dynamic HTML5 content, EPUB, AEM Sites, or a mix of all of them in just a few button clicks."
—Bernard Aschwanden, Founder and President, Publishing Smarter


“Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server takes another leap forward with the ability to automatically publish bidirectional content to a variety of channels now including mobile. The product’s automated or scheduled publishing tasks are easily managed through an intuitive dashboard. These features allow for better collaboration between global team members which increases productivity.
—Thomas Aldous, The Content Era

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For any queries, write to us at techcomm@adobe.com or call +1-866-647-1213

For any queries, write to us at techcomm@adobe.com or call +1-866-647-1213