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By investing in scholarships, grants, software donations, and career development programs, we help talented and motivated young people get on the path to success.

Supporting the next generation with scholarships, grants, and software donations.

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Adobe Creativity Scholarships

To recognize the next generation of creatives and propel their future careers, we provide college tuition to young people pursuing study in creative fields or using creativity as a force for positive social impact. Since 2013, we’ve supported 137 students from 27 different countries.

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The Design Circle Scholarship Initiative

This program brings together design leaders from around the world to help change the face of design and make the industry more diverse for the next generation. Adobe awards ten $25,000 annual college scholarships — up to $100,000 over four years — for students going into product, web, UX, or interaction design majors.

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Adobe Women-in-Technology Scholarships

To help bring more gender diversity to our industry, we award scholarships to outstanding female computer science undergraduate and masters students around the world. Scholarships include a $10,000 award, mentorship from the Adobe Research team, and more.

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Tisch High School Filmmakers Workshop Scholarships

We enable five aspiring young filmmakers from underrepresented groups to attend NYU’s six-week skill-building course in film education. Students write, shoot, direct, and edit a variety of short films while collaborating with Tisch instructors and their peers in a supportive creative community.

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

GEM Fellowships

We support the National GEM Consortium’s mission to help highly qualified students from underrepresented groups pursue graduate degrees in STEM fields. Each year we grant 10 fellowships to cover part of the students’ tuition and fees, and we also offer a summer internship.

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iDTech Scholarships

iDTech teaches STEM and design skills to kids and teens throughout the U.S. We award 200 summer tech camp scholarships to underserved youth in the Bay Area to help them learn to use Adobe Creative Cloud tools.

Developing creative careers.

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Adobe Digital Academy

Part of our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, this program gives bright, motivated people from nontraditional backgrounds a pathway into tech careers.

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Sundance Ignite Fellowships

We partner with the Sundance Institute to help identify and support new voices and talent from the next generation of filmmakers. By sponsoring Sundance Ignite Fellowships, we give 18- to 25-year-old emerging documentary and narrative filmmakers the chance to develop their craft and careers.

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Arts2Work Apprenticeships

The first federally registered apprenticeship program for creative industries, Arts2Work matches entry-level creatives with paid apprenticeships that include on-the-job training, mentorship, and classroom or online education. We’re proud to have provided a $250,000 grant to help the organization expand nationwide in 2019.

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The Adobe Awards

Students and emerging creators can take part in the world’s premier digital media competition to get exposure for their work, connect with industry leaders and fellow creatives, and kick-start their careers.

Employee Community Fund (ECF)

Adobe Creative Residency

This residency program gives talented individuals the opportunity to spend a year working on a personal creative project while sharing their process, insights, and experiences with the creative community. Residents get access to the best creative tools and resources, guidance from mentors, and a compensation package to help them focus on realizing their creative visions and advancing their careers.