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Ways to purchase Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Registered User Pricing   
With this licensing model in Adobe Captivate Prime, you sign up for a fixed number of registered learners within your account. These are licenses assigned to individuals and they have continuous access to the system. This model is recommended for fixed learner scenarios. To discuss registered learner pricing, write to us at with your requirements.
Monthly Active User Pricing   
Adobe Captivate Prime also offers an active user pricing, for organizations which have a floating audience who do not need continuous access to the system. To discuss active user pricing please write to us at with your requirements.
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Pricing and Purchase FAQs
What is the Pricing model for Adobe Captivate Prime?
Adobe Captivate Prime is licensed on a per-Registered user basis, meaning that Registered user license is granted to a single named individual who is authorized to access or use the service.
Is there a minimum threshold on number of users, to get a valid subscription to Adobe Captivate Prime?
Yes, the minimum threshold is 10 Registered users.
What is a “Registered user”?
“Registered User” is someone who is your employee or a temporary worker for your organisation or a third party contractor who is authorized by you, to use, participate and interact with your Adobe Captivate Prime account.
How can I purchase Adobe Captivate Prime?
You can purchase a subscription to Adobe Captivate Prime either from within your Adobe Captivate Prime account using a credit card or by entering into a contract with Adobe or one of its authorized resellers. Please contact to get in touch with us.
Do I pay monthly or yearly?
Payment of subscription fees depends upon the mode of subscription purchase. For purchases done online, using a credit card, the card is charged monthly with an annual commitment. For purchases made using a Purchase Order, the specific terms of the contract would drive the payment cycle with a typical cycle involving annual payment.
Are there any volume discounts?
Yes volume discounting is available for 500+ learners and beyond. Please contact to know more.
Is there an education price available?
No education discounts are applicable on Adobe Captivate Prime.
Is Adobe Captivate part of Adobe Captivate Prime?
No, Adobe Captivate (eLearning authoring software) does not come as part of Adobe Captivate Prime. Adobe Captivate has to be bought separately as subscription or Full license (Perpetual).
Does Adobe Captivate Prime work only with Adobe Captivate ?
Adobe Captivate Prime supports training content authored in any eLearning authoring tool as long as it adheres to standards like SCORM 1.2/2004, AICC, xAPI. 
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by reaching out to Adobe Captivate Prime support team. The cancellation terms as noted in the Terms and Conditions or Contract would apply.
What are the cancellation charges?
Cancellation policy for any account on Adobe Captivate Prime is driven by the applicable “Contract” or “Terms and Conditions”. You may be charged a Cancellation Penalty of 50% (Fifty Percent) of the subscription price for the remainder of the commitment period.
How can I add and delete “Registered user”?
Adding or deleting users is done through the Product UI and multiple workflows such as importing a CSV file, creating a self-registration URL or adding users individually are supported. 
Trial and Product FAQs



What is the deployment model for Adobe Captivate Prime?
Adobe Captivate Prime offers a cloud hosted subscription model. Customers just need a browser and internet access to start using Adobe Captivate Prime to deploy and consume training.
Which languages does Adobe Captivate Prime support?
Adobe Captivate Prime is currently available in English(US), French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Korean and Dutch. The learner app is further available in Simplified Chinese, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian.
How can I activate the Free Trial?
You can start your free trial by visiting and clicking on “Try Now”.
Is there an expiration of the Free Trial?
A Free trial gives you a 30-day access to Adobe Captivate Prime.
What is status of my account and content after expiration of my Trial account?
After expiry of a subscription, you will retain “Admin-only” access to the account for 30 days. Expiry of a Trial account does not have that privilege.
Is my data saved after expiration of Free Trial?
Data created during a Free Trial would be deleted at Adobe’s convenience after the expiry of the trial period.
Do I need to do anything to activate the software?
In case of a purchase done online using a credit card, the account is activated immediately upon confirmed payment. All you require is a valid email ID or an Adobe ID and password to sign in. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you can create it during the purchase workflow. For a purchase done using a contract and/or purchase order, Adobe will send you an activation code that you would need to enter after you sign in to your account.
How often do I have to connect to the Internet?
Adobe Captivate Prime is a cloud hosted offering. You need to be connected to the internet to access your account on the desktop. On Tablets, using the Captivate Prime Tablet app, you can download content and also consume it offline.
How can I enroll external partners?
Adobe Captivate Prime offers an easy workflow in the user interface that allow an Admin to create login URLs for partners. Partners can then add themselves to the account using those URLs.
What kind of content can play in Adobe Captivate Prime?
Adobe Captivate Prime can play virtually any kind of content such as Videos, PDF, PPT/X, DOC/X, SCORM, AICC, xAPI-compliant packages and of course content published from Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter.
What is GDPR?
GDPR is a new regulation by the European Union that comes into effect on 25 May 2018. It provides strong control for data privacy and enables end users to take charge of their own personal data.
How or why does it apply to you as an Adobe Captivate Prime customer?
While GDPR is a EU regulation, it is applicable to business entities worldwide, that collects personal information for any user who may be EU resident.  As a Captivate Prime customer, evaluate if GDPR is applicable to your organization.
What role does Adobe play in this as a vendor of Captivate Prime?
As per GDPR, if your business provides a product or service to EU residents, and determines how and why to collect, track, and monitor their data, you’re considered a data controller. As an Adobe Captivate Prime customer, if you perform one of these activities you are considered as a data controller. Businesses that process data on behalf of controllers are considered data processors. As a vendor of cloud-hosted LMS Adobe Captivate Prime, Adobe plays the role of a data processor. Here are some more details about GDPR and Your Business.
How does Captivate Prime enable you to be compliant with GDPR?
Captivate Prime has built in the following tools and processes that will help you in GDPR compliance. To support any processes that go beyond the product to be fully compliant with the regulation, you may still need to evaluate with your compliance team.
Right to Forget — Reaching the Data Controller:
GDPR requires data controllers to support a Right-to-Forget functionality for their users. This means that any user has the right to request the data controller to permanently delete any Personal data stored for that user. If you get such a request and further evaluate that it is a valid request, this functionality is now provided in Captivate Prime through its Purge Users functionality. This feature allows the admin to initiate a permanent delete of any data related to a specific individual, upon the individuals request at which point Captivate Prime will instantly hard delete the data from its database and a purge of the backup logs (meant for recovery of the system) will also follow automatically.
Right to Forget — Reaching the Data Processor:
The end user can also reach out to Adobe independently for deleting their PII. In this case, Captivate Prime will automatically detect which accounts own the PII for that user and Adobe will notify the admin immediately of such a request. Admin can then evaluate the validity of the request and take a call on the request through the Purge Users feature.
Right to Access:
GDPR allows the end user the right to request data that a controller may have stored for that end user. To support this request, Captivate Prime allows the admin to self-generate Learner Transcript which can be shared with the user. Privacy by Design, Data Encryption: We process data both in transit and at rest using best-in-class encryption standards to ensure data security. Encryption algorithms used are SHA-256. This ensures that any data that you store is adequately protected so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Here are more details on how Captivate Prime architecture is designed from the ground up keeping Privacy and Security in mind.
What is AI-based Social Learning?
Adobe Captivate Prime now offers AI-based Social Learning, which allows learners to share their expertise with peers in the form of web-based or user-generated content posted on topic-based discussion boards. Other learners interested in similar skills can follow these boards to learn and even contribute to the topic, akin to a social media platform. Learn More about Social Learning.
What is Adobe Sensei?
Adobe Sensei is Adobe's own AI and ML technology that brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to experiences — deepening insights, enhancing creative expression, accelerating tasks and workflows, and driving real-time decisions. Learn more about Adobe Sensei. 
Is there an additional price for AI-based Social Learning in Adobe Captivate Prime?
No. The Social Learning features are available within the product for all customers. Existing customers get automatic access to the new features.
How does Automated Content Curation work in Adobe Captivate Prime?
The system automatically keeps a check on the quality of learner content by approving only those that meet a certain quality score. This is achieved by intelligent scans on the content based on AI & ML algorithms that are powered by Adobe Sensei. On turning this feature off, the content then goes through a manual moderation process.
How does Manual Content Curation work in Adobe Captivate Prime?
Admins can set the system settings to “Manual Curation” or “No Curation” mode. Under “Manual Curation” all content posted by learners will need to be approved by designated moderators or subject matter experts. In the “No Curation” mode there is no restriction for learners to add new social and informal content to the LMS.
How do learners access the Social Learning feed in Adobe Captivate Prime?
All learners will start to see the Social Learning icon on the learner home page once the feature is made available to the customer account. Clicking the icon, will bring up the Social Learning feed.
Help and Support FAQs


Where can I get more information about Adobe Captivate Prime?
What is the support I will be offered?
Free best-in-class enterprise support, including on-boarding and support for critical issues is available in English Language. More details can be found here. Chat for Adobe Captivate Prime can be initiated from the contact support page by selecting Captivate Prime from the product list.
Where can I get product related help about Adobe Captivate Prime?
You can learn more about Adobe Captivate Prime from in-product help or by accessing
What kind of onboarding help is provided by Adobe for Adobe Captivate Prime?
Adobe Captivate Prime has inbuilt training content including self-help videos as well as an online help documentation center that is designed to give you information on all aspects of the system. If you need further support you may reach out to Adobe support as explained above. 
Adobe Captivate Prime Content FAQs

Where can I get more information about content offering?
Please write to us at
Can I buy a single course or do I have to buy the complete catalog?
You can buy a single course or a custom set of courses across available catalogs. Kindly write to us at
Can we subscribe to these courses as individuals??
No, this subscription isn’t applicable for individuals. This is only applicable for enterprises and corporates with a minimum commitment of 100 learners.
Does the content work with any other LMS?
No. The content is only for Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.
In what languages are these courses available?
Courses are available in English only. Some of our courses have captions in Spanish, French and German. 
Do I need to pay monthly or yearly?
The payment is annual and an annual commitment is required to buy courses.
Are there any volume discounts?
Yes, volume discounting is available for 500+ learners and beyond. Please contact  to know more.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by reaching out to Adobe Captivate Prime support team. The cancellation terms as noted in the Terms and Conditions or Contract would apply.
What are the cancellation charges?
Cancellation policy for any content is driven by the applicable “Contract” or “Terms and Conditions”. You may be charged a Cancellation Penalty of 50% (Fifty Percent) of the subscription price for the remainder of the commitment period.