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Adobe DITAWORLD 2022

The DITA Online Conference | March 15–17

Join us for the world's biggest DITA Online Conference for Marketing and Technical Communication Professionals.

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Join featured speaker, Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester, as she discusses an independent Forrester research report around the "Future of Documents" and the coming disruption they expect in content authoring. Chad Dybdahl, Solution Consultant at Adobe, will explore how a component content management system (CCMS) can go a long way in spearheading this disruption.

Featured Speaker - Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester
Adobe Speaker - Chad Dybdahl, Solution Consultant at Adobe

See how you can leverage Adobe Sensei to automatically tag and categorize DITA content, enriching the end-user experience, and ultimately ensuring that customers can find the content they need.

—Chad Dybdahl, Solutions Consultant at Adobe

Every organization has different content management needs but the underlying requirements are always based on rich capabilities around authoring, metadata management, storage, delivery, and more.

—Divraj Singh, Sr. Solutions Consultant at Adobe and Bernard Aschwanden, CEO at Publishing Smarter

Earlier technical and support documentation was only bundled with the products in printed or digital formats, but now it is listed in the top navigation menu of websites. Explore how organizations can provide consistent experience across marketing & documentation content.

—Ayush Gupta, Product Manager at Adobe

Explore why a standard structured authoring framework can help maximize content reuse and productivity and how a component control management system can help you achieve it.

—Chad Dybdahl, Solutions Consultant at Adobe

Organizations are facing a growing demand for documentation that caters to thousands of product variants and SKUs. Explore how you can scale content creation and deliver a rich, rewarding experience for product documentation across touchpoints.

—Chad Dybdahl, Solutions Consultant at Adobe

Many of us are still working remotely, but we still need to work together. Learn how you can banish cumbersome manual review processes forever. Bring authors, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders together with Adobe’s collaboration technology.

—Chad Dybdahl, Solutions Consultant at Adobe

Just putting your technical documentation on your webpage as a PDF for download is not going to be enough anymore. PDF is a given, a fundamental requirement. But see how easy it can be to provide a conversational experience for your customers and implement a chatbot

—Stefan Gentz, Senior Worldwide TechComm Evangelist at Adobe

Learn through stories of companies and people who have a CCMS. Hear what they did to convince their management teams to make the long term investments that pay dividends for years to come.

—Bernard Aschwanden, Founder of Publishing Smarter

A major part of technical documentation involves developing your self-service channels to distribute content for your customers. In this webinar, explore how your CMS strategy can support your self-service content channels.

—Tony Rems, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Business Development, Hero Digital

Gain an understanding of a crucial XML/DITA implementation solution through an explanation of industry best practices, platform tips and tricks, and firsthand partner accounts.

—Steven Carter, Solutions Architect at Bounteous

In a global economy, delivering content in multiple languages is a must! See how you can manage translated XML based content, then rapidly publish multilingual content in a range of distribution-ready formats.

—Caleb Clauset, Vice President Product, Typefi

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For sales queries write to us at techcomm@adobe.com

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Reach us via phone: +1-408-536-1144

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