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What is Adobe Primetime?

Adobe Primetime brings TV to every IP-connected screen. It gives programmers and operators modular capabilities to stream, protect, analyze, and monetize video across desktops and devices. Finally, you can profitably broadcast live, linear, and video-on-demand programming everywhere.

What is Adobe Primetime?

Adobe Primetime capabilities

Player SDKs

Player SDK

Get the software development tools you need to build and deliver a premium video experience across every device.

Ad decisioning

Ad decisioning

Improve efficiency and visibility with campaign management, creative trafficking, forecasting, inventory management, and reporting.

Pay-TV pass

Pay-TV pass

Deliver premium content on virtually any device with the industry’s most secure, flexible, and user-friendly TV Everywhere authentication.

Ad insertion

Ad insertion

Increase viewer engagement and boost revenue with dynamic ad insertion that seamlessly blends with live or on-demand TV content across devices.

Digital rights management (DRM)

Digital rights management (DRM)

Protect and enforce video rights across devices and platforms, efficiently and at scale.

Essential video analytics

Essential video analytics

Understand how your audience watches and engages with premium television, film, and ad content.

Quality of experience monitoring

Quality-of-experience (QoE) monitoring

Get real-time insight on video quality, viewer engagement, and ad impressions — and troubleshoot issues before they arise.

Adobe Primetime for operators

Adobe Primetime for operators.

Satellite operators and cable and telecommunications companies want to keep viewers tuned in. That means delivering high-quality content that subscribers can watch anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Adobe Primetime removes the complexity of TV Everywhere experiences, giving operators the ability to deliver additional value to their subscribers.

Adobe Primetime for programmers.

Programmers want their content to be seen everywhere. That means protecting content and delivering it to every device and platform. Adobe Primetime gives programmers a modular solution that addresses all their needs — SDKs for virtually every platform, seamless ad insertion for better monetization, real-time insights, and more.

See how NBC brings live sports to every screen.

See how M6 delivers one experience across platforms.

Hundreds of devices.
One solution.

With the fragmentation and rapid growth of mobile, M6 turned to Adobe Primetime to help them bring great TV experiences across all devices.

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