Adobe Connect with Adobe Learning Manager

Modern blended learning made brilliant.

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Why are they greater together?

Adobe Connect, our award winning live virtual training solution as an out of box integration with Adobe Learning Manager, offers powerful blended learning experiences focused on business outcomes.

Single hub for virtual learning and on-demand learning

Get a consolidated view of organisational learning

Single hub for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Unified virtual training for blended learning

Offer a unified UX for blended learning

Single solution to create, manage and access live and on-demand learning.

Virtual learning reports

Combine user management and reporting

Seamless data exchange for unified reporting on blended learning.

Scalable virtual training

Create live virtual learning experiences that stand out

Rich and engaging learning experiences focused on driving business outcomes.

Extend the advantages of Adobe Learning Manager with Adobe Connect

Seamless data exchange and unified UX

Offer a single UX for learners and trainers for live and on-demand learning. Consolidate data, content and users across blended learning with automated workflows.

single UX for live virtual training and on-demand training
Virtual learning experience design

Virtual experience design

Create learning experiences that stand out using interactive storyboards, multiscreen dashboards and powerful backstage built for outcome-based learning.

Advanced engagement tool, metrics and reports

Boost live interactions, combine virtual learning metrics with LMS reporting and measure training impact using real time engagement metrics and dashboards.

Adobe Connect Live virtual training reports
Adobe Connect Virtual training classroom

Persistent virtual rooms and content

Create multiple virtual rooms and breakouts with staged content, learning aids and assets. Reuse and share best practices as templates as you scale.

Make blended learning powerful with Adobe Connect and Adobe Learning Manager.

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