Designing product packaging in Adobe Dimension


Design product packaging with more dimension.

Give your packaging design the extra push it needs with Adobe Dimension. Quickly and easily design in 3D, create product mockups and develop brand visualisations.

Draw the eye with 3D.

Help your packaging stand out on the shelf by designing your products in Dimension. In just a few steps, you’ll have realistic renderings that always impress.

Add depth to your product packaging

Add some depth.

Whether it’s a simple cereal box or a stlylised wine bottle, bring your product prototype to life by composing, adjusting and rendering 3D photorealistic images with Dimension.

Design product packaging quickly and efficiently

Work quickly and efficiently.

Stop wasting time approximating 3D images in other design software by easily creating box and food packaging mockups in just a few steps.

Customise your packaging with 2D decals and graphics.

Customise your packaging.

Overlay 2D decals and graphics on 3D objects to quickly mock up product packaging and communicate your design ideas to clients and coworkers.

Sync your product packaging design with your other Creative Cloud projects.

Skip the photoshoot.

Forget organising expensive photoshoots to get images of product packaging. Dimension lets you easily create new scene layouts and photorealistic renderings to market any product.

Design with personality.

Set packaging designs apart from the crowd with Dimension’s versatile tools and templates.

Use Dimension’s lighting tools to output realistic renderings for your package design

Light up every shot.

Dimension’s lighting tools are modelled after real-world physical lighting to give you the most realistic rendering for any packaging.

Integrate your other Creative Cloud projects with your Dimension project.

Connect with the cloud.

Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud lets you sync with all your other projects. And you can get a jump start on your design with customisable, 3D Adobe Stock assets.

How to design product packaging.

Follow these straightforward steps and quickly create customised packaging designs for any project.

1. Get started:

Download the assets you need.

2. Stage it:

Organise and place the 3D assets.

3. Design it:

Choose which graphic elements you want in the shot.

4. Customise it:

Import and apply decals to your package. 

5. Shoot it:

Adjust the camera perspective and blur to achieve the perfect shot. 

6. Deliver it:

Render the scene with various camera bookmarks.

Master the third dimension.

Follow these tutorials and prepare to create and render stunning product packaging shots.

Add and import 3D models to your Dimension project.

Start with the basics.

Learn how to add and import 3D models in Dimension and then use them as templates for personalised product packaging.

Learn the process of creating 3D packaging mockups

Take it step by step.

Walk through the process of creating quick and beautiful 3D packaging mockups in Dimension and explore a few tips and tricks along the way.

Learn how to build your product packaging portfolio

Flesh out your portfolio.

See how this artist used Dimension to get customised product shots worthy of any design portfolio.

Learn how to find, import and use Adobe Stock assets in your packaging design

Start with a search.

Discover how to search for, import and use Stock assets in Dimension. These customisable objects are an easy starting point for any product packaging design.