Meet your customer the moment it matters.


Market to customers. Not datapoints.

In today’s highly personalized world, strategic marketers are managing identities — not just data. With Audience Manager, you can map out every consumer’s path to purchase across screens and devices. You’ll deliver engaging experiences to individuals and build deeper relationships that drive loyalty and revenue.

Onboard first-party and CRM data without hosting personally identifiable information (PII).

Create 360-degree, anonymous profiles of your audiences.

Use second- and third- party data to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Extend your reach and control frequency across channels to deliver seamless messages.


Get your data in a row.

Ingest and organize all your first-party data — including customer analytics and CRM data — into a single customer profile. And manage it without ever hosting any PII.

A bird’s-eye view of your customers. Soaring results.

Merge profiles to create a unified view of your customers’ activity across devices. With a 360-degree view of your customers, you can deliver more engaging experiences that tell stories across screens.


Multiply your resources. Simplify your data management.

Add to your first-party identity management capabilities with second-party data. With Adobe Device Co-Op, you can work with other brands to better identify customers, wherever they engage — without ever leaving Audience Manager. That means less time tracking devices, and more time delivering great experiences.

Map out your customers’ journey.

With Adobe’s device graph, you can understand how your customers are interacting with your brand across multiple devices. You’ll further your audience reach, control frequency, and deliver valuable and consistent experiences to customers across touchpoints.

Leading the data management evolution.

See why Adobe leads the industry in providing solutions that meet the growing demands of data management. Read the new Forrester Wave: Data Management Platforms, Q4.

Do more with your marketing.