Interactive video

Whether you want to demonstrate product or service offerings, build brand awareness and drive engagement, provide online support and training, or leverage user-generated content to build brand loyalty, video management capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager Assets help marketers control video publishing in-house and deliver high-quality video experiences to all channels.

Interactive video

See how Adobe can help your customers get the best video experiences.

Video management

Manage every aspect of your videos using Adobe Experience Manager Assets. You can auto-encode videos based on out-of-box best practice profiles or customize them to control quality and size.

Smart video playback and delivery

Design your video once and deliver it to any device using responsive video players. Adapt content for uninterrupted playback on laptops, desktops, tablets, or other mobile devices.

Shoppable videos

Create links to product details, landing page microsites, lead generation forms, and other campaign activities to drive conversion at any point in your video.

Analytics and reporting

Access advanced videoanalytics, including video engagement and video drop-off reporting, to quickly understand video streaming trends, measure impact, and create effective content.

Deliver the right video to every screen.

Responsive video players and adaptive video streaming allow you to automatically deliver the right video format at the right quality for each screen. Using device and bandwidth detection, video is adapted in real time for smooth playback. Get up and running quickly with the out-of-box video player library, including responsive video players and industry-leading mixed-media viewers that combine video and image content. You can configure video players to meet branding needs or use the SDK to create custom players.

Responsive video players

Choose from a variety of configurable out-of-the-box players or develop highly customized ones — all built for responsive design.

Streamlined localization

Extend video reach to broader audiences with closed captions for accessibility and subtitles for international markets.

Global scalability

Deliver smooth, high-quality streaming playback worldwide through preintegration with content delivery networks (CDNs).

Mobile support

Deliver optimized playback experiences to any device.

Adaptive streaming

Dynamically adjust video quality based on network bandwidth.

Verizon ramps up customer service through dynamic media.

Learn how the mobile network operator significantly reduced file sizes and increased its conversion rate by 16% using dynamic media.


Give your customers what they want, on all their devices.

See how you can improve your video engagement with dynamic imaging, responsive video players, visual configurators, and more.