Let them watch more. And watch it anywhere.

TV Everywhere is powered by Emmy Award–winning Adobe Primetime authentication (formerly Adobe Pass), the most flexible and user-friendly system for unlocking pay-TV content on tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, and game consoles. We have even helped power major live events including the Olympics. You’ll find Adobe Primetime authentication in 99% of pay-TV households in North America, making it the market leader in authentication services.

Right channels. Right audience.

Easily verify subscribers or pay-TV sites and apps with integrated authentication and authorization. With preauthorization, you can be sure viewers are able to access only the right channel lineups.

Instant connectivity.


Multi-Platform Support

Multiplatform support

Reach iOS, Android, and JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player supported devices with client SDKs. And through the clientless API, you can reach smart TVs, set-top boxes, and other connected devices.
Seamless User Experience

Seamless user experience

Viewers sign on just once to watch videos across channels, sites, and apps. The user-friendly experience also encourages prospective customers to sign up for a trial, which you can securely manage.


Never let forgotten passwords stand between viewers and your content. When subscribers have the same provider for pay-TV and Internet service, they can be logged in automatically.

Try the Adobe Analytics essentials integration.

Monitor customers in real time, control APIs, and get deeper customer insights. Send information including user IDs, ZIP codes, and parental controls across devices with user metadata exchange support.

Adobe Primetime pay-TV pass with three core components.

Adobe Primetime pay-TV pass can be used as a standalone service option and is also available pre-integrated with the other capabilities of Adobe Primetime that streamline the publishing, monetization, and optimization of TV Everywhere content.

Access enabler.

A small file loaded into a programmer’s web page or in the player application serves as the glue for the overall TV Everywhere ecosystem.

Pay-tv pass server.

A hosted server securely communicates with both the access enabler and the existing authentication systems of the pay-TV operators.

Media token verifer.

Media Token Verifer
This validates the entitlement and is the final step in the process where the validation of a user’s entitlement can securely fit into the overall CDN token workflow.

TV watching is still growing.

Understand the numbers and trends behind the growth of online video viewing in our latest Adobe Digital Index report.