Keep your viewers close, and your video content closer.

Use Adobe Primetime concurrency monitoring to catch and limit unauthorized account sharing. You’ll be able to monitor viewing activity and enforce entitlement rules across all your pay-TV properties and federated sites and apps. It also improves the TV Everywhere experience by decreasing the need for frequent login requests.


Prevent account sharing.

By keeping track of concurrent streams across all interaction points, pay-TV providers and content programmers can enforce rules designed to reduce the instances of account sharing and monetize their viewers’ access to additional active streams.
Prevent account sharing.
Let stronger security lead tobetter experiences.

Let stronger security lead to better experiences.

Content programmers can improve the user experience by decreasing the frequency of authentication requests, extending controls for monitoring, and preventing fraudulent behavior to MVPDs.

See usage in greater detail.

Begin gathering device, location, and viewing data across every stream to gain a more detailedunderstanding of usage patterns and fraudulent behavior.

Take a look at the Adobe Primetime concurrency monitoring features.


Federated monitoring

Federated monitoring

Trick-play capability
Track viewing activity and enforce entitlement rules across pay-TV and programmer sites and apps simultaneously.


Concurrency monitoring heartbeats sent at one-minute increments allow you to track viewing activity, while gathering granular viewer and device data.
Flexible rules

Flexible rules

Primetime supports all rules, even when they’re running concurrently (such as limiting streams by location, device type, and pay-TV operator). Add custom metadata to rules as needed.
Simple implementation

Simple implementation

A Single REST API handles both heartbeat and query calls, simplifying the implementation of concurrency monitoring across any platform.
OATC compliant

OATC compliance

Meet OATC’s Resource Usage Monitoring standards and integrate with any authentication system through an ID that’s common across all destinations where rules apply.

Concurrency monitoring like nowhere else.

Adobe Primetime brings unique value to businesses dealing with concurrent viewing challenges.
Concurrency monitoring like nowhere else.


Large footprint
Primetime is the de facto TV Everywhere solution, with integrations across 95% of U.S. programmers and over 500 MVPDs.
No limits
Primetime doesn’t limit service to a specific streaming property, and it monitors concurrent views across programmer and MVPD apps.
Easy integration
Primetime integrates with all of the Adobe Marketing Cloud products.
Speed and convenience
Using Primetime eliminates the time, cost, and hassle of maintaining and supporting an in-house solution. 

TV watching is still growing.

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