Test combinations in real time and find the winner faster.

Quickly discover which offers, experiences, and messages truly engage your visitors. Adobe Target removes the coding and setup hassles of A/B testing, so it’s easy to see your visitors’ responses to experience variations in real time and instantly adapt your site, app, kiosk, or any digital touchpoint to meet their needs.

A/B testing is just the beginning.

Adobe Target builds a bridge between testing and personalization. Test one experience or thousands. One-click automation powered by Adobe Sensei delivers profitable results faster and personalizes at scale.
Automated targeting.
Using Adobe Sensei, Target helps you automate testing and experimentation to create the ideal customer experience.
AI-driven optimization.
Auto allocation with Adobe Sensei helps you use Target to automatically push traffic to your most successful experiences.
Many devices, one person.
Visitor behavior varies across touchpoints. No matter where they connect, Adobe Target can deliver a consistent experience based on a single visitor profile.
Built for digital evolution.
Test everywhere. Even on the latest advancements — single page apps, server-side optimization, and Node.js. And if you want to test and personalize client- and server-side, go ahead.

See how it’s done.


increase in visitors trying out premium services.


more purchases by removing distractions.


greater engagement.


increase in click-through rates from homepage to PlayStation Store.

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