Know your audiences like you know yourself.

And create the perfect profile.


Profile data from every solution.

Adobe Target lets you harness the power of Adobe Marketing Cloud by collecting all the visitor and customer data captured through its various solutions to create valuable audiences that update in real time. With up-to-the-second information, you’ll be able to always serve the most relevant experiences possible.

Features of profiles and audiences.

Master marketing profile
Get a single, actionable, and complete customer profile view that unifies data across solutions and updates in real time with on-site behavioral data.
Shared audiences
Simply check a box during segment creation in Adobe Analytics to share a new audience with Adobe Marketing Cloud, and it will automatically appear for use in Target.
Centrally managed audiences
Create and manage real-time audiences with an interface that compiles all the customer data in Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions for a complete customer view.
Audience Manager integration
Adobe Audience Manager helps you augment the master marketing profile with second- or third-party data, syndicate profiles to advertising systems, and use look-alike modeling.
Composite audiences
A site visitor’s past behavioral data and real-time, in-session data qualify them for audiences that they’re then automatically added to so they receive appropriate, targeted experiences.
Estimation of audience size
Review a visual representation of an audience’s size to determine how valuable it is before committing marketing resources.

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