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With email, there’s always room to grow.
On average, people spend more than six hours a day on email — checking it everywhere. Yet email marketers still struggle to make sure their messages are opened and read. You need a new approach to ignite your email campaigns and make them more powerful and personal. You want to give more context, not just the classic batch and blast — all while keeping email integrated into your overall cross-channel strategy. And you need to ensure you’re excelling with your data, content, delivery, and strategy.

Customer loyalty is what makes Sephora the largest beauty retailer in North America. See how they keep customers engaged through targeted campaigns — both online and offline — to increase response rate by 200 percent.

A guide for the customer journey.


Managing email is challenging. You need to easily create and deliver email campaigns as part of your overall cross-channel approach. Look for an integrated system that will help you manage and deliver on all aspects of email, to keep your customers looking for more. 



Adobe can help. Adobe Campaign makes campaign management simple for the email marketer, while still giving you robust control over data management, segmentation, deployment, personalization, and customer journey design. Deliver personal experiences that your customers will love, every time.



A high-definition view of your customer.


Email data can often be limited. You need access to all your data to discover customer insights from both online and offline channels — in real time. Use all your consumer data to quickly deliver personalized emails that stay in sync with your cross-channel strategy. 



Adobe can help. Adobe Analytics gives you the information you need for retargeting campaigns. And robust customer profiles gleaned through Adobe Campaign help you pull together data from all your sources, including Analytics, to deliver contextually relevant emails across all your channels.



Give email a personal touch.


Once you know customer preferences, you can create email campaigns that resonate. So your emails need to be both relevant and timely. And when you deliver content that your customers want, your conversion rates are just as happy.




Adobe can help. Adobe Campaign uses customer preferences and site behavior to keep customers engaged with relevant content. And with Adobe Target, you can deliver real-time email that automatically adjusts when you open it, based on date, location, or other algorithms.



One great experience on every channel.


You need to deliver consistent messages and offers on every channel for a seamless customer experience. An integrated system will help you maintain a seamless experience, which will reinforce brand loyalty and improve the return on your marketing. 




Adobe can help. Adobe Experience Manager puts all your assets in one place so everyone on your team has access to the latest assets. Combined with Campaign, it lets you place content directly into your email templates, so you can deliver great experiences faster, while giving your message a consistent look and feel.


A blueprint for success.

In most companies, email has the greatest visibility. And it has the most potential for an immediate impact on consumers. Which means it also gets increased scrutiny. To live up to these expectations, you need to develop an effective strategy that has both executive buy-in and a clear roadmap to success. 
Adobe can help. Adobe Campaign provides a framework, a set of support services, and world-class account management to help guide you on your path to marketing maturity. You also have access to implementation and optimization packages that will help you grow your strategies, so you have an effective blueprint for success.


Everything you need to deliver on email.

Now that you have a roadmap to email maturity, access to all your data, and your assets together in one place, you can quickly create and deliver email campaigns that your customers want — all while staying integrated with your cross-channel strategy. Which means you can now see the true measure of email marketing’s ROI for business success.
Why Adobe.
Because Adobe Experience Cloud is natively cross-channel, we can support you with tools that let you create consistent, relevant, and measurable email campaigns as an important part of your cross-channel strategy. With Experience Cloud, you can deliver the right experience to every customer, every time.


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