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Apps that engage become apps that are essential.



The app marketplace is crowded, and you’re under pressure to boost downloads, in-app conversions, and app store ratings. But your goal is bigger. You want to create apps that become more valuable over time, as they become a natural part of your customers’ and employees’ lives. To do that, you’ll need the tools to understand and engage audiences. Then you can create the apps that become essential and make a business impact.
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Get analytical.

Adobe Analytics


To create an engaging app that will ultimately drive business, you want to first understand and measure your key performance indicators (KPIs). To do this, you need powerful analytics that not only give you a view of app activity, but also measure behavior at every step of the customer journey.



Adobe can help. With Adobe Analytics, you can collect data from many sources and gain insights. Measure users’ engagement through the entire customer journey to see how their actions change over time. Identify trends like how frequently they launch your app and where they lose interest and drop off, so you can make adjustments to improve engagement. 



Turn insights into opportunities.



Now that you have the data, it’s time to take action. You want to make sure your messages and notifications are relevant and also automatic. Use real-time analytics to automatically trigger in-app messaging or push notifications to keep your customers engaged with your app. And you can use A/B testing to find out what works best.


Adobe can help. With Adobe Target, you can find the best ways to drive app engagement. Learn the variables that determine the success or failure of your app lifecycle so you can serve up the right content, to the right people, at the right time. See how different versions or combinations affect the bottom line.



Make it personal.

Adobe Target


You want to create relevant app experiences. Because when apps are undeniably useful, people make them part of their lives. The more personal your content, the more likely it will be valued. You’ll want an integrated solution that provides the insights you need to create the personalized app experience customers want.




Adobe can help. With Target, it’s easy to try out two versions of a campaign with A/B testing to see which version or combination works the best. Deliver personalized experiences based on user actions, profiles, and location. You’ll be able to create the relevant experiences that increase conversions.



Reach customers where they want to be found.

Adobe Target


Orchestrate messages sent across mobile channels including push notifications, SMS, and email. Marketers will be able to acquire, analyze, and engage app users with 1:1 personalized experiences and messages across push, in-app, app messaging channels.




Adobe can help. With Adobe Campaign, you can create campaigns that are personalized and automated to reach your customer in the most appropriate channel. Your integrated customer profile within the solution shows you a customer’s history and preferences, and then Campaign helps you design, orchestrate, and automate the right cross-channel campaign and measure its success.



Apps get better and better. With one integrated solution.

Why Adobe?


If you want your apps to stand out from the multitudes that are on the market, you need to deliver the kinds of free-flowing app experiences that become essential to the people who use them. They have to be so engaging and personal that they become a natural part of people’s lives.


Why Adobe.
In the past, you would need to cobble together various individual solutions to gain the kinds of deep insights to let you continually improve app experiences. Today, Adobe Experience Cloud gives you all the tools you need to deliver the compelling app experiences that your customers and employees can’t live without. No one else offers such a comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities for app analytics, messaging, optimization, and personalization.
Keep users coming back to your mobile app time and time again.
There’s a difference between mobile apps that are useful and those users can’t live without. Read Actions Speak Louder Than Downloads to learn how to make the latter.