User-generated Content

Use everything shared socially on the web to create a constant flow of fresh, high-quality user-generated content (UGC) on your own sites. Find content that audiences trust. Then categorize, manage, and augment that content with drag-and-drop UGC tools to create more engaging experiences.

Share and share alike.

People create and share tons of content every day. But finding and using the content your audience shares socially can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Adobe Experience Manager lets you discover user-generated content that appeals to your audience because it’s from users like them. You can organize and save that content, and easily share it across all your sites with no extra coding. Using content that your audience trusts and enjoys can boost loyalty and sales.

See what makes it work.

Easy content management
Organize and store content in customizable folders in your own library, categorize it using customized meta tags and ratings, and share it among teams.

Social media engagement
Spark discussion with engagement capabilities like comments, reviews, side notes, polls, and chats.

Live publishing and blogging
Give your teams the power to create engaging stories via real-time collaboration, mobile capabilities, and easy, customizable editorial tools.

Learn more about user-generated content (UGC) in Adobe Experience Manager.

Get started with user-generated content. 

Read how to build a fully working app that handles authentication, social sharing, and event tracking in our Help section.

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Discover the power of Experience Manager UGC.

Get the details on what Experience Manager UGC can do, and how it helps you drive engagement with user-generated content in our whitepaper.

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Tap into enormous creativity.

Discover how to get personal with your audience, accelerate conversion, and find your superfan with UGC.

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