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Licensing InDesign Server


InDesign Server is sold as an annual term license and includes all updates during the term and installation support. Licensing is per server and there is no limit to the number of users but different models are required for internal and external audiences. License types are described below. 


Cost associated

Premium license

For use with automated publishing solutions made accessible to customers or users other than the Licensee’s employees via the Internet in addition to rights to use corporate wide within an intranet. There is no limit on the number of users for this license.  Partners or end users are permitted to use the Premium license model in hosted or SaaS based offerings but InDesign Server must be an integrated component of a solution, not as a standalone service.

$13,500 per year

€13,500 per year

¥1,353,000 per year


Limited license

For use with automated solutions that are made accessible only within a company’s internal network only, limited to employees of Licensee

$5,000 per year

€5,000 per year

¥491,700 per year


Development License

For testing or staging InDesign Server solutions, not for Production use. Produces same output as a Production license 

$2,100 per year

€2,100 per year

¥254,100 per year

Trial license

Enterprise Customers can request a Trial version by contacting their Account Executive

Licensing FAQ


Where can I purchase InDesign Server?

InDesign Server is a CC Enterprise product and can be purchased through resellers certified to sell the Value Incentive Program (VIP) or if you are buying the InDesign Server component directly from Adobe, it can be included on Enterprise Term License Agreement. The product is also available through select solutions partners who sell InDesign Server as an integrated component of their solution


Are there any limits to the number of users that can use InDesign Server? Do users need need an Adobe ID? 

InDesign Server is a server based product. It differs from Named User Licensing or any other consumable model. It is connected to the licensing entity, not to a named user and requires a license for each server installed on but doesn't restrict the number of users, nor do users need an Adobe ID to access    


Can I manage InDesign Server from my Admin Console? 

Starting with the 15.1.1 release, InDesign Server can be managed on the Admin Console. Earlier versions (15.0 and prior versions) are not managed on the CC Admin Console.  If you are an existing customer that purchased InDesign Server before April 2020, new SKUs should be ordered at time of renewal from either a VIP Reseller or from Adobe directly. See further Help instructions on how to create InDesign Server installation packages from the Admin Console. 


I recently purchased InDesign Server 16.0. Can I roll back and install older versions? 

Customers that are managing licenses from the CC Admin Console will only see one older version, 15.1.1. Older versions like 14.0 and earlier are not available on the Admin Console and require different SKUs. Customers that are renewing an older license like v14.0 should upgrade to VIP. They may continue to use the older license upon renewal and upgrade to the latest version when ready however can only run the number of licenses purchased.


I already purchased InDesign Server 15.0 (or older) and am renewing my license. Which SKUs should I order for renewal? 

Customers that started with older versions and are renewing should move to the new SKUs. After renewing, the older version will continue to operate but will not be available on the Admin Console. Customers can only use one version at a time but will then have an upgrade path to the latest version when ready


I am purchasing InDesign Server for the first time but require an older version. How can I purchase older versions such as v14.0? 

It is possible on an exception basis but contact for more assistance. Customers that purchase an older version are locked into that for the duration of their one year term


Can I install InDesign Server on Cloud based or Virtual Server Platforms? 

Yes, installation on these platforms is permitted however customers should review Adobe Help files for further information. Adobe Customer Support cannot help with network performance issues that can arise on Cloud Platforms


Are separate licenses needed for backup or disaster recovery?

No. Copies of InDesign Server can be made for disaster recovery and/or backup in accordance with the End-User License Agreement (EULA), but they cannot be used for live production unless the production server fails. These copies should not be confused with cluster or load-balancing configurations.


I am upgrading from a one major version to a new version? Can I run both licenses to test while upgrading? 

Customers in the process of upgrading can run both versions for up to 90 days but can only run one version for production at a time. Adobe recommends purchasing the Development license for extended testing and staging solutions. 


How does Adobe treat Cloud or VPN usage into an internal network?

Cloud or VPN usage is acceptable within an internal network and therefore does not require any special licensing, as long as it does not violate the terms of the licensing model. For example a Limited license, available only to users of the licensing company can be installed on a Cloud platform. Installation on Cloud Servers requires a license for every virtual server the software is installed on. 


How does Adobe define an internal network?

An internal network is a local corporate network or intranet behind a firewall within a single primary domain. It can encompass Cloud based platforms if access is restricted to employees of the licensee


Is it possible to virtualize or partition a hardware server in order to run single or multiple instances of InDesign Server within individual virtualized operating systems?

Software partitioning is a model of configuration in which multiple instances of operating systems execute cooperatively on a single computer. With either hardware or software partitioning, each instance of the Adobe software requires a separate license. The EULA makes it clear that a license is required for each CPU that is enabled to run the software. The customer must be able to provide proof of partitioning upon request via Adobe’s standard audit rights. A multi-instance license cannot be distributed and installed across multiple virtual partitions, as each virtual partition is considered a unique server requiring a new license.

Do I need to license different language versions of InDesign Server?

No. There is a single version of InDesign Server that supports document creation and composition in more than 20 languages just as InDesign desktop does.


Which license type should I purchase if I am using InDesign Server in a multi-tenant solution on the same Server? 

The Premium license model is required to host solutions for multiple customers/consumers from different companies all running on the same server.  A Limited license can be hosted on behalf of one client only. .


How do I gain access to the developer version of InDesign Server?

Commercial product developers who develop products or solutions for clients can request a license through their membership in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program for Creative Cloud. In house developers should purchase the Development license. Additional tools can be found on


Do I need to license different language versions of InDesign Server?

No. There is a single version of InDesign Server that supports document creation and composition in more than 20 languages just as InDesign desktop does.