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Welcome to Design is Power. Soon, you’ll start receiving curated content and relevant resources you can use to guide your company through the design-led revolution. Here’s just one example of what you can look forward to — interesting stats from a Forrester Consulting study.

Design-led companies are more confident that their digital customer experience outperforms most or all of the competition.


of design led companies
say their digital experiences 
out-do their competitions


of non-design led companies
feel the same way.


Business results show that when design is involved in leadership, customer engagements are transformed into impactful, unique, empowered experiences. And lasting brand loyalty is nurtured by the lifestyle experiences created by your understanding of the user's needs, habits, and motivations.
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Nearly half of design-led companies report higher benefits resulting from advanced design practices.
Größere Marktanteile
Stärkere Kundenbindung
Competitive advantages/wins
Greater market share
More satisfied and loyal customers
As thinkers and artists, you’re called on to reject how it’s always been done. And we’ve got the tools and inspiration to help you show executive leadership how the design approach opens new doors and creates new solutions.


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*Base: variable decision-makers directly responsible for digital customer experience at organizations within the US, UK, FR, DE, KR, AU/NZ, and JP.
Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe, July 2016.