Speak to your customers. In their language.

Understand your customers better by identifying what they do as they move through your web experiences.

Make more meaningful connections.

Create a comprehensive view of individual customers by connecting Adobe and non-Adobe data in your Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Figure out what matters most to them as they interact across touchpoints. Recognise familiar consumers when they visit from unfamiliar devices. Even group users into audiences for targeted marketing efforts.

Know your audience.

Carry on cohesive and consistent conversations with your customers across marketing channels.


Common ID

Track individual customers—not just the devices they use— across your web experiences with a common identifier.

Audience sharing

Categorise different types of customers into audiences and then share those audiences across all your Experience Cloud solutions. 

Audience enrichment

Enhance your customer profiles and insights by connecting consumer information you have collected outside of Experience Cloud to the data that lives inside your Adobe solutions.

Device graph

Collaborate with the world’s most popular brands to recognise a familiar consumer behind an unfamiliar device.

See the whole picture.

With Adobe Experience Cloud, you can connect information about consumers across technologies and devices to create integrated marketing campaigns that are customised to your audience.


Complete your customer view

Get a complete view of every customer, no matter what device or technology they’re using. 

Unify customer experiences

Turn disjointed, repetitive marketing efforts into a cohesive personalised experience by using the insights you gain to tailor campaigns to specific audiences.

Make things simple

Make it easy for your customers to get what they need fast by using the consumer information you collect across all your Experience Cloud solutions.