Create forms and documents with a comprehensive design tool.
Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer ES4 software helps you easily author form and document templates that combine high-fidelity dynamic presentation with sophisticated XML data handling. LiveCycle Designer ES4 lets you create form templates that can output to paper, PDF, and HTML5 without having to write scripts. Advanced layout capabilities let you preserve the appearance of imported PDF documents, while spell-check and customizable user dictionaries reduce the chance of errors.
Create streamlined business logic
Development teams can work collaboratively to create and preview templates, bind schema-compliant XML data to back-end systems, and ensure that forms and processes are working together efficiently. Action Builder simplifies the creation of common form behaviors. For forms requiring more complex business logic, LiveCycle Designer ES4 provides a scripting capability. Quickly find and correct errors by checking the syntax of FormCalc and JavaScript code.
Enjoy sophisticated data capture
Employ a comprehensive set of data capture fields such as dynamic tables, barcodes, and comb fields. Integrate forms with core business systems by using advanced data binding to XML schemas, web services, databases, and XML data files.
Improve efficiency with form fragments
You can quickly and easily create new forms by leveraging  form fragments, which are collections of fields or objects such as an address block. Form fragments also make it possible to rapidly update large form collections. Form fragments are stored in a file system or in the LiveCycle repository and are referenced by XML templates, so whenever a fragment is updated, the templates that reference it are automatically updated, saving significant development time. A Forms Manager application in LiveCycle Forms Pro ES4 adds support for metadata-driven searches, activating and deactivating form assets, preview, and the ability to manage dependencies across form assets.

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