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Laralyn Melvin
“The XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager proved valuable in our delivery of top-notch technical documentation that seamlessly integrates with our web experience. This new product allowed our writing team to continue to easily use FrameMaker and deliver web-based, SEO optimized DITA content.”
Laralyn Melvin – CTO, Senior Director, Technical Publications,  Palo Alto Networks
Kathy Miller
"To increase efficiency, we wanted to find a solution in which we could author, review, approve and publish all within the same tool set.  Since we currently author our content in FrameMaker, it made sense to stay in that environment to reduce the team's learning curve. Adobe's solution will allow us to do this, as well as help streamline our localization process."
Kathy Miller – Senior Director – Information Development, User Experience, Localization, VISA
Ruben Reusser
“The XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager enables our customers to transform their technical documentation experience from just a site with downloadable PDFs to a fully client-oriented portal focusing on the after sale needs of their customers. As well, the ease with which technical documentation content can be published to AEM and how seamlessly it integrates with the AEM website is impressive.”
Ruben Reusser – CTO,, Inc.
Maria Casino
“The XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager and seamless integration with FrameMaker show Adobe’s commitment to supporting the growing needs of companies by addressing the full XML workflow of creation, editing, review, and publishing.”
Maria Casino – Marketing Manager, Intersil
Noz Urbina
"The web world has been asking for reusable structured content for years, but until only recently, it was not asking by name. Today, medium and large enterprises from many vertical industries are looking for content reuse, personalization, consistent structure, more manageable translation costs, and of course, the separation of content from display to support multi or Omni channel user journeys. The XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager will be a milestone in the web industry for the advancement of these goals. Intelligent, semantic, structured content has come of age, and Adobe is providing a powerful platform for brands to take advantage of it across their customer and content lifecycles. I’m delighted to learn about the launch of this new solution from the Adobe Technical Communication team, as it is addressing a key gap in the market and will no doubt support many new and existing users of structure to leverage their content investments in powerful ways. Customer experiences around the world just started getting that much better."
Noz Urbina – Content Strategist and Founder, Urbina Consulting
JoAnn Hackos
“Having had an advanced look at the XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager, I am very pleased to see Adobe’s contribution to DITA-supported component content management. By adding a DITA layer on top of Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe brings a full array of important capabilities to its customers, including a web editor for reviewers, a comprehensive publishing solution with both the DITA OpenToolkit and Experience Manager and FrameMaker Publishing Server, and a dynamic delivery web-based environment. Adobe’s roadmap promises even more important capabilities in the near future that will enrich this solution further. I’m excited to try it out.”
JoAnn Hackos – President, Comtech Services Inc.
Jacquie Samuels
"Imagine a DITA CCMS that is built on the powerful yet sleek foundation of a Web CMS but manages DITA content. That’s Adobe’s XML Documentation for Experience Manager and it’s looking good. Really good!
Translation management and vendor connectors. DAM. Workflow. Metadata! Collaborative review. Publishing connectors to the DITA OT and Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Server. Component management and all that entails. XML editors—use your own (including FrameMaker, of course) or the intuitive web-based DITA editor built right in. And it’s not just cobbled together like Frankenstein’s monster. It looks and acts like a CCMS that DITA technical communication professionals want and need. The entire interface is web-based, so speed and usability factors are very, very impressive. We still have to get to know each other better but at first look, XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager is one sexy beast!
Jacquie Samuels – DITA Consultant, Publishing Smarter and Writing Wise
Rahel Anne Bailie
“The integration of component content management into Adobe Experience Manager is definitely a game-changer. As the marketing side of the house discovers that content traditionally called "post-sales" is increasingly factoring into pre-sales decisions, and user support side of the house - specifically technical communication but also training and support - need to integrate their material with the rest of the content assets online, an interesting convergence has happened.
The back-end content producers have had componentized content tools for decades, which allowed them to produce personalized, cross-product, cross-platform content at scale. The front-end content producers have had tools that focused on presentation, and left their content in the hands of front-end developers who didn't understand the back-end tools and couldn't get excited about them.
Now, these worlds are coming together in Adobe Experience Manager, one of the industry's best-known systems for global brands. Having a connector between CCM and Experience Manager is the first step toward integrating a power publishing environment into what started as a Web CMS environment. I predict it won't be long before marketing communicators start to adopt these tools to alleviate some of the pain experienced when trying to deliver toward their omni-channel marketing plans. It will be exciting to watch how this unfolds as Adobe helps organizations respond to the growing business needs for good content."
Rahel Anne Bailie – Chief Knowledge Officer and Lead Content Strategist, Scroll
Tom Aldous
“With the launch of this end-to-end integrated content authoring, management and publishing solution from Adobe – the DITA CCMS marketplace is about to change in a big way. By making Adobe Experience Manager DITA-aware, Adobe is offering a full-fledged enterprise-class DITA CCMS solution that addresses the pressing content challenges facing Technical Publishing, Marketing and IT departments today – by enabling them to strategically consolidate investments into one centralized CMS –and significantly reducing publishing and translation time and costs. Now, DITA-based technical content can be directly published to Experience Manager with a single-click. Technical writers can continue to author DITA content using familiar DITA editors like FrameMaker, while subject matter experts can review the DITA content using the built-in WYSIWYG DITA web editor. Regular small updates to already-published documentation can be made incrementally instead of having to republish or retranslate completely! Collaboration, review, approval, translation, search and reports for DITA content – everything is available. And the future road-map looks even more promising from Adobe!”
Tom Aldous – Founder, The Content Era


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