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Connect sales and marketing for consistent, engaging experiences across the entire customer journey.

With different solutions handling different parts of the customer journey, it’s challenging to offer personalized and consistent experiences at every customer touchpoint. With Adobe + Microsoft, integrate your marketing and sales data, processes, and activities so that your whole organization is working off of the same holistic view of your customers. Adobe + Microsoft partnership can help you create memorable, streamlined campaigns.
W.B. Mason has integrated sales and marketing with Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver truly personalized experiences to their customers. Watch W.B. Mason's story ›

Get marketing and sales on the same page.

Get marketing and sales on the same page.

Use connected data, processes, and lead tracking from Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to ensure that sales and marketing teams are working from the same insights to drive and measure ROI.
Learn how you can connect your sales and marketing teams more effectively.

One enriched customer profile.

Customer data sources across the business are automatically combined into a single, source-of-truth profile. From marketing to sales, to service and support, better data empowers better decision making for a journey that delights customers.
One enriched customer profile.

Personalize from beginning to end.

Personalize from beginning to end.

Armed with the right customer data, orchestrate connected experiences as customers move across channels and screens for compelling experiences at every touchpoint.

Adobe | Microsoft

Adobe + Microsoft — bridging the marketing and sales gap.

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Unified support across your entire integrated platform.

Adobe Customer Care and Microsoft Customer Service & Support have expanded their partnership to provide customers with access to experts and troubleshooting across all integrated solutions. Together, Adobe and Microsoft are combining the power of two companies to help the one who is most important — you.

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