Now your data has the brains and the beauty.

True customer understanding that fuels adaptable, personalized content.

To really impress a customer, show them you know them. With an ever-updating, singular customer profile from the union of Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, you can give customers the personal touch they expect.
Watch how the Adobe + Microsoft partnership can help you create consistent personalized shopping experiences. Watch the demo ›

Make web experiences that are personal to them.

Make web experiences that are personal to them.

And scalable for you. By integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Manager Sites, sales and marketing teams can work from a shared profile. This allows you to roll out targeted campaigns, increase conversion rates, and reach out effectively on social media — all at scale.

Personalized content for your entire organization to use. 

Use Adobe Experience Manager Assets and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to personalize content and images from a central hub, and make creative assets easily available to your whole organization.
Personalized content for your  entire organization to use.

Fast and personal forms.

Fast and personal forms.

Create, pre-fill, and customize your form-filling and enrollment processes. Lead creation and other activities are automatically synced between Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Adobe | Microsoft

Adobe + Microsoft — bridging the marketing and sales gap.

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Unified support across your entire integrated platform.

Adobe Customer Care and Microsoft Customer Service & Support have expanded their partnership to provide customers with access to experts and troubleshooting across all integrated solutions. Together, Adobe and Microsoft are combining the power of two companies to help the one who is most important — you.

Learn how to solve business problems.

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