Interactivity in AR: Using Sound and Animation in Adobe Aero — Part 3 - L6712c

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Join Adobe Senior Experience Designer Amanda McCoy Bast in this follow-along lab to learn how to add interactivity to an augmented reality scene with Adobe Aero. Discover how to create interactive sequences with triggers and actions and how to use sound and animation to build a compelling AR experience.

In Part 3 of this three-part lab, we’ll put audio and animation together for a multilayered AR experience by:

  • Using spatial audio with animation
  • Directing animations from multiple triggers
  • Using duplicated behaviors to save time

Technical Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Type: Lab

Category: How To

Track: Graphic Design, 3D and AR

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Game Developer, Graphic Designer, UI and UX, Web Designer, 3D, Illustrator