Digital Landscape Studies: Plein Air to Studio with Adobe Fresco - S401

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  • Alexandria Neonakis

    Alexandria Neonakis

    Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator, Alexandria Neonakis Illustration


Portable digital tools have made plein air painting easier and more accessible than ever. Join concept artist and illustrator Alexandria Neonakis as she creates digital sketches and studies outdoors on location with Adobe Fresco using a Microsoft Surface Pro 8, then moves into Photoshop to finish her painting.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to start a sketch on a Surface Pro 8 in Fresco then bring it into Photoshop to finalize
  • Alexandria's process of taking quick notes and observations on location to help inform a final studio painting
  • Tips for taking reference photos on location and how to use them
  • Techniques, brushes and thoughts for creating a final landscape study

Technical Level: Intermediate

Session Type: Session

Category: How To

Track: Illustration and Digital Painting, Graphic Design

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Print Designer, Illustrator

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