Social Influence: Younes Zarou, Kon Ermakov, and Sophie Scholl Project - MB164

Closed captions in English, French, German, and Japanese can be accessed in the video player.

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Influence comes at us in different ways and with different purposes in mind. Hear from:

  • Younes Zarou, one of Germany's most prolific social influencers. He grabs you with awesome visuals, then he uses behind-the-scenes clips showing how he created each effect to connect with and build his audience.
  • Konstantin 'Kon' Ermakov. A filmmaker and tech, lifestyle, and social influencer from London, Konstantin’s videos include advertisements, music videos and, most recently, productions for SIDEMEN. His distinctive style and includes behind-the-scenes content.
  • Luna Wedler. Using the Instagram profile @ichbinsophiescholl, she inhabits Sophie Scholl, the Nazi resistance fighter. In an emotional and radically personal way we join Sophie’s everyday life — in real time — as a student in Munich, follow her into active resistance against the war and totalitarianism, and live with her through her eventual arrest and death.

Technical Level: General Audience

Session Type: Mainstage Broadcast

Track: Social Media

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