Winning by Embracing Innovation and Creative Excellence - S608

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The internet and digital marketing held a lot of promise, but never quite delivered. We were expecting true one-to-one connections, but the reality is fragmented, chaotic, and complex. Navigating this reality as a brand can be scary, but also exciting. Join Max Kramer, Nike brand digital innovation, and Matevz Klanjsek, co-founder and chief product officer at Celtra, to explore proven solutions to meet these challenges.

Specifically, Max and Matevz will discuss how to:

  • Embrace creative chaos and the role of innovation, both internally and externally
  • Achieve creative excellence in an environment where paid impressions reign supreme
  • Recognize if you need innovation and what that means for your team, work, and organization

Technical Level: General Audience

Session Type: Session

Category: Thought Leadership

Track: Creativity and Design in Business, Social Media, Collaboration and Productivity

Audience: Art/Creative Director, Business Strategist/Owner, Educator, Graphic Designer, Social Media Content Creator, Executive, Marketer

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Emerging Digital Creative Trends for 2022

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